The LGBT Centre has successfully organised the IDAHOT-2017 Visual Arts Competition for the fourth time since its inception in 2014, and we are happy to announce the winners (unless otherwise specified, the best works are awarded 500,000 MNT each).

The best in the painting category:

E. Khuslen “It doesn’t matter if you’re a flower (boy)” 

The best in the photography category:

B. Alungoo “Fall in love with my soul, not my body. My soul shall bloom for eternity…” 

Jury selected two works as exceptional and is awarding 300,000 MNT each to the following artists:

Kh. Ariunzaya “I” (if you’re interested in seeing more of her work, please visit her artist page on Facebook. Kh. Ariunzaya’s “Art of loving” was awarded the best painting award in 2016 IDAHOT competition.)

B. Enkhtuya “Imposition of limitations on the concept of love” a series of three paintings

Additionally, the LGBT Centre’s executive team selected one work as the staff selection and is awarding 300,000 MNT for the following work:

Lkh. Nyamdorj “Unbloomed Souls” (if you’re interested in seeing more of his work, please visit his artist page on Facebook. Lkh. Nyamdorj’s “Don’t cut them” was awarded the best painting award in the inaugural 2014 IDAHOT competition.) 

Many thanks go to all the artists who took time to make exceptional works of art around LGBTI identities and lives in Mongolia. Many congratulations go to the winners! All artists are invited to visit the Centre at 5 pm on 19 June for a small award ceremony.