I would like to share a story about how a friend of mine came out to me. He and I were classmates in the elementary school but then grew apart from the middle school on as we went on to different schools. From about two years ago, we reconnected and started hanging out together, began to be comfortable to confide in each other. I would often talk about my boyfriend, and he would always just listen. During one of our conversations, he became very grave and said, “Don’t hate me but there is something I need to tell you.” The change of his tone shocked me, and I wondered what he could have done to deserve my hate, all the while bracing myself for what he was about to tell me. As I continued to listen, all I thought was, “He must have done something terribly wrong.”

My friend, then, nervously said, “I am attracted to men.” I was immediately relieved since I’ve suspected that he was gay for a long time. I was just waiting for him to tell me.

A friend’s sexual orientation should never impact one’s friendship. My friend is gay and that’s ok. I love my friend.