Have you been dating for a few weeks, or heading home after meeting a hottie in a bar? Is he refusing to wear a condom? Learn how to answer to protect yourself.


Cause: “Don’t worry, I am on PreP.”

Response: “What about chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, HPV, drug-resistant HIV and many other sexually transmitted infections?”


Cause: “I am out of condoms.”

Response: “Let’s quickly run down to the shop. If you’re feeling really stingy, let’s go to the gay bar and grab some free.”


Cause: “I can’t get it up with a condom.”

Response: “Let’s try anyway.”


Cause: “Don’t worry, I am clean.”

Response: “In condom I trust.”


Cause: “Don’t you trust me?”

Response: “It’s only been (insert time) since we met, and I won’t fuck my best friend without a condom.”


Cause: “I just got tested yesterday.”

Response: “Show me the results.”


Cause: “I won’t come inside you, I’ll pull out.”

Response: “The viral load is highest in the pre-cum.”


Cause: “It’s too small for me.”

Response: “Good for you! Let’s still try it out anyway.”


Cause: “I really don’t like it with a condom.”

Response: “I wear condoms myself, I know it still feels good with a condom.”


Cause: “We have been dating for awhile now.”

Response: “Have we both been exclusively monogamous?”


Cause: “Nobody makes me wear them.”

Response: “Furthermore the reason to wear one.”