The LGBT Centre developed the Arts-4-Rights policy in early 2014 to promote LGBTI rights through artistic expression. To fulfil this, we organise IDAHOT Visual Arts Competition every year as well as enter into 48 hours film festival as the Q Project team of allies and volunteers of the Centre.


Starting from 2014, we have been organising annual IDAHOT Visual Arts Competition for 17 May. The artworks received for the competition are displayed for a week in a free and public exhibition during the IDAHOT week as well as for a week during the Equality & Pride Days in the Arts-4-Rights exhibition. These works are being sold in an auction starting 2016. All income derived from the sale of these works goes to support the IDAHOT Visual Arts Competition prize fund and two exhibitions, while 30%-50% of the sales goes back to the artists.


From 2013 onwards, volunteers and allies of the Centre have been joining annual 48 hours film festival in Mongolia and making short films with LGBTI themes. The films by the Q project team [-]2013 (2013), Infinity (2015), The Due (2016) (written and directed by Anaraa Nyamdorj, co-founder and board member) and Novem (2017). Infinity (2015) was nominated for the categories Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Sound Editing and Best Music Score, and won in the category Best Sound Editing.





We developed Artist-in-Residence program whereby we work with international artists who want to promote LGBTI right through their art to come to Mongolia and work with the Centre and our volunteers. Our first Artist-in-Residence was Australian performance artist Nathan Stoneham whom we found in 2011 and who was able to raise the funds to come to Mongolia in 2015. Nathan came and stayed in Mongolia for two months and developed a community performance piece LOVE BUS with the Centre’s volunteers and supporters. We are aiming to develop the program to enable annual residence of artists. As an artist, Nathan Stoneham’s work has been recognised by the highest Australian arts award, Rob Kirkson Award, in 2016. Visit Nathan’s website to see his work.