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Coming out is one of the biggest, most important events in our lives. That’s the moment we begin to live and breathe as our true selves without fear, lies or duplicity. It’s the moment that defines the beginning of our authentic lives, the moment that marks our courage and our heart.

As Mongolia’s becoming more informed and increasingly accepting of LGBT people, still some LGBT people find it hard to live in an open manner. Or, they might want to come out to family and friends, but do not know how. So this is for all the LGBT folk wondering “How do others come out?” This is also for all who have recently had family members or friends come out to them and who are trying to understand LGBT people better.

Our Board member Enkhmaa proposed an important initiative for the National Coming Out Day – 2017, and here we are: we’re beginning a collection of anonymous coming-out letters written by the members of the LGBT community to their loved ones. It is a platform for both queer people to express our inner worlds and for the society to understand us better.



We will guide the society to the light


My friend is gay and that’s ok

Please don’t think that people are against us

You did have a son, father


I don’t want to hide who I am

Accept, respect and love yourself