Equality & Pride


The LGBT Centre organised the first Pride Week in Mongolia in Chinggis Hotel in Ulaanbaatar between 22 and 28 September 2013 with a goal of educating and informing the society in a holistic manner about sexual orientation and gender identity issues. At the time, and until today, people strongly criticised the use of pride in Mongolia’s context, in the Mongolian language, surprisingly from within the queer community as well. To remind everyone that these days are essentially about the LGBTI rights movement that is necessary in Mongolia because the queer community members are still being subjected to discrimination on a daily basis because of our sexual orientation or gender identity, we renamed the days into the Equality & Pride Days from 2014.


Social, cultural and public information-0riented events of the Equality & Pride Days span ten days from the last Saturday in August until the first Sunday in September every year.  We organise:

  • Equality March
  • Voices-4-Equality open-air, public concert
  • Arts-4-Rights arts exhibition
  • Beyond the Blue Sky Queer Film Festival
  • Thematic discussions
  • Fundraising events

Read full information about 2017 Equality & Pride Days at the following Facebook event page. Read full information about 2016 Equality & Pride Days at the following Facebook event page. Read full information about 2015 Equality & Pride Days at the following Facebook event page. Read full information about 2014 Equality & Pride Days at the following Facebook event page.

The first public Walk for Equality within the Equality & Pride Days’ framework took place in September 2014. These walks to promote equality, LGBTI rights, freedom of expression and assembly were unlawfully interfered with by the Metropolitan city government and Sukhbaatar district governments in 2015 and 2016 by their denial of entry and right of passage through the Sukhbaatar Square, a public space, which was a direct and grave violation of the freedom of assembly, freedom of expression and the right to promote human rights.

Do you know the meaning of the Equality & Pride Days’ mascot? Read here about our Pride logo.